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Paid Family & Medical Leave - State of WA

Posted by Admin Posted on Dec 10 2018

Paid Family & Medical Leave – State of WA – Beginning in 2019 all employers will be subject to the new reporting and withholding requirements under this new law, however employers with fewer than 50 employees will not be required to pay toward the combined .4% tax on gross wages.  The rules require that all employers withhold 63% of this tax from their employee’s wages, and for those employers with 50 or more employees, the remaining 37% of this tax will be paid by the employer.  Furthermore, employers will be allowed to pay this combined .4% tax on behalf of their employees, at their discretion.  The tax will be reported and paid on the employer’s quarterly Employment Security tax report, beginning with the first quarterly report for the 2019 calendar year, which is due on April 30th of 2019.  Please note that employees who become eligible to receive paid “family” or “medical” leave won’t be eligible for benefits until at the earliest the 2020 calendar year, at which time they will be required to submit their request for benefits to Employment Security.  The Employment Security office, upon review of the benefit request, will provide the opportunity for review of the request to the employer, which we are assuming will be in a similar fashion for how the Department of L&I allows for the employer review of benefits relative to their employee’s unemployment benefits.  While this is a fairly complicated new set of rules and reporting requirements, thankfully Employment Security has been and will continue to issue informative correspondence in order to assist in the process.  Additionally, if you are our client please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.  Happy Holidays!  Mike and Staff