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Year End Business Planning

Posted by Admin Posted on Oct 24 2017

Year End Business Planning – now that the calendar year is quickly winding down, if you have any questions about your company’s year-end accounting procedures which should be implemented please contact us.  One of the procedures that should be considered is to have your company’s annual meeting, especially if it’s a corporation. It’s also that time of year to consider putting additional funds into your retirement plan account, as well as to consider making intended capital purchases, so you can include them as tax deductions this year.  Please also keep in mind that in the coming weeks before year end we can work with you to determine your 2017 income tax liability, while you still have a chance to do something about increasing your FIT withholding, if needed, before year end.  Please let us know how we can help you and your company with its end of year planning needs, and thank you for your ongoing patronage!  Mike and Staff