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Business Planning

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 15 2017


 As business owners it’s important to take the time, at least once a year, to think about your business and make plans for the coming year.  Whether or not your plans are translated into annual “minutes” for your business or not, there are a few key considerations:


  • Employee reviews – have you taken the time to meet with each of your employees to hear their perspectives and plans?

  • Financial review – have you reviewed your company’s performance to determine fiscal trends that might need to be looked into further, so you can adjust operations accordingly?

  • Business succession and long term planning – if you haven’t prepared a business plan for your company in a while, or ever, it would be wise to go through the process of preparing a plan for your company, in order to refine your goals and plans.  The SBA provides some very useful guidance in setting up a business plan.

    Please contact our office if we can assist you in the planning needs for your company.  Mike and Staff




Wittenberg CPA, PS