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Update for Overtime

Posted by Admin Posted on Dec 09 2016




Dear Business Clients, We wanted to follow up with you about a memo that we sent out in June of this year, regarding the Overtime Rule that US Department of Labor was implementing, effective December 1, 2016. On November 22, 2016, a US District Court Judge granted an Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction, which stopped the Department of Labor from implementing and enforcing the rule from taking place.


What this means, is that the previous salary threshold of $455 per week ($23,666 per year), still stands, until further notice. However it is still extremely important to determine whether or not your employee continues to qualify as salaried , overtime-exempt, not only by the salary threshold, but also by the “Duties” test, even though the salary threshold is currently unchanged.


We will be closely following the status of this injunction, and will certainly notify you as we know more. If you have any questions about how this update affects your company, and your employees, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.