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Consulting versus Insulting Firms

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 31 2016

Most business owners will likely need some financial and general business planning advice from time to time.  Unfortunately, there are what we like to call “insulting” firms out there, which approach businesses and their owners, falsely guaranteeing better performance and more profits.  The problem is that these firms, and the “insultants” they send out in the field, posing as business consultants, are actually focused on bettering themselves and the companies they represent, by charging outrageous fees, for advice that at best might be considered common sense solutions.  So, if you are approached by someone like this, you should be very skeptical, and you should also let them know that you’ll be contacting your trusted accountant, and/or your financial advisors for advice instead.  Please contact us if you would like to talk about your personal and/or your business planning needs – we are always here to help you and your business succeed!