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Wills and Related Documents

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 31 2016


While it’s typically not on the top of anyone’s “to do” list, if you either don’t have a will in place, or haven’t updated your will in a while, it’s extremely important to take care of it right away. We recommend meeting with an attorney, because your will should be tailored to your needs and requirements, however there are also some "do it yourself" options out there on the web, if consulting with an attorney isn't an option for you. The main thing is that you establish a current will and durable power of attorney, in order to take care of the details of what will happen to your assets, your children, as well as your medical requirements, upon your death or incapacitation. Another consideration is for you to set up a “living trust”, otherwise known as a revocable trust, which can be very useful in transferring one’s assets to beneficiaries, while avoiding the hassle and publicity of the probate process. Finally, one of the most important and often overlooked tasks, is to review the “beneficiary designations” stated on your retirement plans, whether company sponsored, or in your personal name, to make sure you have the correct beneficiaries of these plans named for that particular retirement asset. Please contact us if we can answer your questions, or help you sort out what needs to be done under your specific circumstances, as well as to assist you and/or your attorney in completing these extremely important legal and financial tasks.