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Why Hire a CPA Firm

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 31 2016


We always appreciate the opportunity to explain why you should engage a CPA (Certified Public Accounting) firm like ours, as compared with hiring a bookkeeping or a tax preparation only service, especially since our fees can be higher on average, relative to those other types of services. Probably the most significant benefit of engaging a CPA firm like ours is the education and experience levels that we can offer you and your company, inherent in the services we provide. Whereas anyone can put out their “shingle”, advertising bookkeeping, and/or income tax preparation services, CPA firms are held to a much higher standard of education, knowledge and ethics. For example, CPA’s are required to not only have a college degree in accounting, we are also required to have a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education on an annual basis, in the fields of accounting, tax law, business finance, personal financial planning, and other related studies. Unfortunately the nationally syndicated companies, advertising their income tax and/or payroll preparation services by “professionals”, are instead staffed by individuals with minimal training and experience, in a mass production type of atmosphere, without requiring these same educational standards or ethics.  Please contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can assist you, and/or your company with its accounting, business start-up, income or business tax preparation, or any of the other types of services  we provide.  Thanks!  Mike and Staff